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    Virtual China is an exploration of virtual experiences and environments in and about China. The topic is also the primary research area for the Institute for the Future's Asia Focus Program in 2006. IFTF is an independent, nonprofit strategic research group with more than 35 years of forecasting experience based in Palo Alto, CA.
    Lyn Jeffery is a cultural anthropologist and Research Director at the Insitute for the Future, where she leads its Asia Focus Program.
    Jason Li is currently a design research intern at Adaptive Path. He previously worked at IFTF & Microsoft Research Asia, and recently graduated from Brown University.
    Nan Yang is a freelancer in Shanghai whose many projects include part-time Mandarin teacher at MandarinShanghai.com, assistant for Eric Eldred from Creative Commons, translating manager for gOFFICE, translator for MeMedia, member of Social Brain Foundation, and author of 1idea1day.com. She is also passionate to take part in small and innovative seminars in Shanghai.

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  • In response to the great need for foresight about Asia, IFTF has launched the Asia Focus Program. Asia Focus research topics are large-scale, under-explored areas from which unexpected futures will emerge. It is part of IFTF's flagship program, the Ten-Year Forecast Program, which provides a broad scan of the environment and is a leading source of foresight for a vangard of business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

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September 08, 2006



1. Can you explain what do you mean "lie on opposite ends of the education technology spectrum"?
2. Have you visited some of the so-call CQOCW? Since you read Chinese, why don't follow some of the links and give your evaluation of its quality? I would be curious to hear your opinion.
3. OOPS does not have an official English site. The oops.editme site exists only for the transcription project, which is a very small part of OOPS. That is why it appears low traffic.
This is for now. Thanks.


Grace -- thanks for the comments. What I meant by "opposite ends of ed tech spectrum" (it wasn't phrased particularly well so I'm not surprised you ask about it) is that these represent two different approaches to ed tech. The first is topdown, Ministry of Education, rated standardized courses, member universities, and so on. The second, your OOPS, is bottom up, all-volunteer, and therefore much looser in terms of membership.
2. I did try to visit several of the linked CQOCW and yet could not manage to access any of the courses themselves. I didn't have more time to spend...but would love to hear any others' evaluations of the courses' accessibility and quality.
3. Thanks for the clarification on the English sit oops.editme. I'll edit the post.


Yes, going back to point#2, I, too, would love to hear anybody's (anyone?)evaluation of CQOCW's accessibility and quality.


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