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December 07, 2007



i have to clarify that it was happened in WenZhou University instead of LanZhou University

not chinese

is this going to be a new game in the 2008 Olympics?


Seeing this makes me so angry I'm afraid I'd like to beat the s(*& out of that bastard guard.

c isbell

I can not believe nobody turned that guy in or tried to stop him from what he was doing!! What type of people are you!! I have never been prejudice againt anyone in my whole life, but after seeing what the Chinese do to all animals, I have to say I am pretty damn close!! For the guy that did the deed, BURN IN HELL!! for the ones that didn't try to stop him or at the very least turn him in...you will get yours, what happens if you are the next one he is beating the crap out of? Wouldn't you want someone to step in? Think about that next time you see someone mistreating an innocent animal and not doing anything to stop it!!

Núria Querol Viñas

What a shame for China being in the spotlight again for abusing animals in such a sick way. In any civilisez country, that guard should be prosecuted for animal abuse and...WHY DID ANY OF THE STUDENTS TRY TO STOP HIM! YOU ARE ALL GUILTY!

Linda Lachapelle

you should have shame! for all the evil that you make with the animals in your country, you act like of true monster all that made you is to put the world against you bus, do not forget we are not all of the massacer of animals like you!! you do not deserve our respect, I hope that you all go burn in hell one day for all the evil which you subject to these animals which by misfortune its born in your which cursed country!! I, hopes that one day you undergo the same fates which you make with these animals and I hope that at this time there nobody will come you help because you deserve to only die and in the extreme suffering!! because you all are of the bastard ones!!! worse species than God A creates!!

Brenda Schaeffer

How could anyone watch this happening and not go immediately to stop this torturous abuse, and treat this so called "guard" to the same abuse. Again, this supposed "guard" should be treated the same way, and worse. The most unconscionable behaviour in addition to the other atrocities committed against animals in China. This makes one beyond anger, and why is it that none of people taking this video did not go and stop this cruelty. He must be reported and fired from his post. He is in no way guarding any of you

d. gdendron

China is a rich country now ! Why does it still acts like barbarians with animals ?

Shame on you China !


Please see my updated in the main post above. The people who were filming could not have reached the guard in time to stop him. The reason they put the video online was to attract attention to the incident and publicly shame the guard.


Arrêtez toutes ces cruautés gratuites !!!!! Tout cela est monstrueux !!!!

Mariie-Rose HECKMANN

Vous êtes des monstres !!!!

un pays de monstres !!!

Thomas Wachter

People treating animals like this should be tortured to death themselves. There's definitely no animal protection in China due to a rotten attitude concerning other living beings.
Thanks to the responsibles who gave the Olympic Games to China, you've done a great job!!


I have to say I'm really surprised by the kinds of posts that are appearing here. This was an act committed by a single person, not a representative of the entire country. Go o nto Youtube and you can find lots of similar things. The difference in China is that it is front page news and gathers lots of attention and debate--which is a good thing, in my opinion.


Fuck I hate Chinese more than ever after seeing this and others like it such as: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_ca00XMzcxMTUyMA==.html

pley nicole

Si vous voulez que l'on apprécie la Chine, luttez contre la violence contre les animaux et interdisez ces vidéos! cela ne vous fait pas apprécier, je n'irai certainement pas
aux jeux de 2008, je suis écoeurée!!!!

Le Petit Chien

If this dog was hit by a car it should be brought to an animalhospital, this monster don´t kill children either if they are hit by a car, it is cowardly to do so to a sentiënt beïng just because it isn´t human. What a sad policy for such a large country.


A coward will always be a COWARD.


shame on you.... are you men or monsters??? it's disgusting what you do with animals....

Li Kyriakou

When I just read or here China I get sick. Sick from the cruelty they do to animals, sick from the people who do this and sick from the people who do nothing to stop this in ther own country.
So China is just a sick country with sick people.


Honte à vous! un jour il faudra bien payer tout le mal que vous faites aux bêtes. Je ne mettrais jamais les pieds en chine tant qu'il en sera ainsi.

Bassignani Michel

Je ne compred pas comment un être humain peut être animé par autant de sadisme,à moins d'être un grand malade.dans ces cas la faut l'enfermer.


ugly people!! shame on you!!

Mahy Joël

La chine, sans majuscule, est le pays de la cruauté envers l'animal, de la destruction des espèces rares pour que assurer la continuité de sa fornication...que ces types bouffent du viagra!!! Je suis scandalisé qu'un pays barbare ait été choisi pour les jeux olympiques...Honte sur ce pays et sur ce peuple!!!

laetitia panetier

Shame on China and his people!!

Chantal Buslot

Who are the real beasts !!!!
Animals are not cruel.
It's people like you who are sick, perverse.
You are serial killers!!!!

You bloody all know what it is to be abused, tortured, killed!!!
Did you forget it?

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