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June 07, 2007


Theresa Castro Mirenda

Theresa Castro Mirenda had been missing for 2 years. She went to Hongkong on April 28,2005 and then went to Shanghai. She was about 30 years old when she left.
If you find any information please send us an e-mail.

Clarita Mirenda (mother)

Karen Pansky

I work for the justice department in Calgary, Alberta Canada. In April 2005, an unknown male was found. His identity has been a mystery ever since. Possibly went by the name Jay. Believed to be in his mid 20s. Birthdate believed to be Dec 1 but not known about the year.


Paul Daniel Raj from Srilanka, he came to China in October 2007 His passport no N1698115 After he arrived in China once he spoke to his mom to srilanka after that no contacts then we heard that he and other 5 people from srilanka were arrested in Shanghai, China. Other lady who came with him is Inthirani Nadfarajah passport no N1492647. Her date of birth was 1958 october 2nd. We don't know any other news. So please let us know where they are.

Kristina Tuazon

My sister Monina who is a 25-year old Filipina has been missing since the 15th April 2008 in shenzhen China. She is short-haired, 5 feet 6 inches tall and fair or light brown-skinned.

for any information on her whereabouts, please contact 0085393717506.

Kristina Tuazon

Sorry but the correct contact number for anyone who has seen monina is 0085293717506


looking for andrew mickle, british citizen last known to be in china, need to get in touch asap.


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michael sandy

My fiancee is lost in Guangzhou China. Her name is Wang Hua she was born in 1985 goes by the name Ting Ting

Mitchell Floyd

My good friend Iris Song Dan is Lost.She Lived in Chengdu.
I lost contact with her after the the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.
She was a teacher there.
I have pictures of her on
on my Flickr site and the school she worked at.
If you have any information at all please contact me at.
[email protected]


my friend Meng yu and her mother Meng xiu zhi have been lost at alberta in Canada.anyone who knows their information,please contact me.

Ali Atkinson

my husband is lost in china he went there november 2009. Ithink he may be in the Dalian area but not sure. Last heard from him in November
when he was in Kuwait
his name is Vaughan Atkinson, he is 51 years old with short grey hair,5ft 9ins tall speaks a little chinese and arabic. Could be with a female companion ( chinese).

rachel gabon

Manasis San Sebastian,24 yrs old, a Filipino male (gay) goes by the alias name Puma, shanon de asis is missing since November 28,2010 in shanghai, China. He left the hotel where he was staying and can not be contacted through his face book account, roaming sim and telephone number.

worker mich verlieben my

Its not actually my practice to post comments, but i thought i would say that this was really tight.
Anyway, yours truly felt it was about time yours truly posted

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I am desperately seeking for my husband named Armando Jose Rodado – Amaris, a Colombian and a Math teacher.
Last time we saw each other physically in Shenzhen Airport on mid June 2009 as he had to fly to New Zealand to study in Massey University, Palmerston North while I myself had to fly to my home country, to study as well in Indonesia.Our contact was only by the e-mails, the last one was three months ago. There is no address nor phone number to contact him anymore. He had left New Zealand last December 2010 and nobody knows where he is later residing.Some people told me that he has visited Cebu, Philippines, several times during 2010 and later stayed in Nanjing, Jiangsu to teach Math in China but no more information. Anyone who knows about him in Philippines, China or somewhere else, please let me know I am his legitimate/ formal wife. I will be very much thankful for any help or information.

Mrs. Norma Armando Rodado ([email protected])


Here is the ads and the picture of my husband, Mr. Armando Rodado:


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This is interesting because I think I saw her in some place in the city, what should I do right now? , because I'm almost sure I saw her around the city.m10m

geri kelly choo

My husband Hock Seng (Patrick)Choo went to China on 30/11/1995.
He travels on a Malaysian passport. He has not returned to the UK since Dec 1997. I now believe something has happened to him. he children age 13, 10 are very keen to see him. Please get in touch


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